Enhanced Search with New Age Enterprise Search Tools

The exponential growth of unstructured data is a reality and enterprises are facing a growing challenge of leveraging this unsurmountable amount of unstructured data for insights to drive business growth. Enterprises today are fully aware of the potential that unstructured data holds and so a software that helps them in this regard is the need of the hour. The new age enterprise search software is the solution to this challenge of leveraging unstructured data for insights and 3RDi Enterprise by The Digital Group is one such example.

Every search & discovery initiative to start with has a complex classical challenge of getting good relevancy and findability - which is a function of high precision and high recall that typically is hard to achieve (so much so that "Search Relevancy Engineering" is a complex engineering discipline in and of itself requiring very high engineering caliber) and takes several iterations of engineering experimentation over several months to get right and is also very difficult, time consuming and expensive to maintain on an ongoing basis as data, query patterns and discovery needs/scenarios change over time. So, how do the new age enterprise search tools redefine enterprise search and what to expect when you invest in one? Let us explore using 3RDi Enterprise as an example.

Seamless Management of Multiple Vocabularies:

Enterprise Search tools today offer integration of multiple sets of vocabularies into a single platform for easy access and management. Using a comprehensive ontology manager, these tools integrate with and manage diverse standardized vocabularies such as Wordnet, DBPedia, UMLS and more.

Example: The 3RDi vocabulary manager is a comprehensive ontology manager that allows for standardized as well as custom vocabulary management.

Enhanced Search Results with Advanced Semantics:

The built-in semantic model in the modern enterprise search tools are designed for query enhancement, concept and entity extraction, disambiguation and content enrichment, all of which contribute to enhanced search results.

Example: 3RDi has built-in visual point-and-click semantic model development for query enhancement, concept and entity extraction, disambiguation and content enrichment

Bouquet of Text Analysis Capabilities:

Most text mining tools today offer an entire range of text analysis capabilities for all your search and associated needs. So, you have Named Entity Recognition, Content Classification, Semantic Similarity, and Sentiment Analysis, among others.

Example: 3RDi Enterprise has a text analysis engine named Retina API that is power-packed with every text mining ability you can think of.

More Power to You with Search Analytics:

The built-in search analytics capability is what enables modern enterprise search tools to monitor, analyze and enhance the end user search experience and effectiveness. It uses information gathered from user search behavior and user queries for building a search experience that's unique to the user.

Example: 3RDi has extensive customizable built-in signals capture and analytics capabilities. It uses continuous dynamic learning based on individual user preferences and queries to achieve model-based personalized search.

The Conclusion:

This is only the tip of the iceberg and enterprise search still has a long way to go. While the tools available today offer us the possibilities that we could seldom think of yesterday, the future indeed holds unlimited possibilities. As unstructured data continues to grow, so will the potential of the enterprise search tool. What do you think is the future of enterprise search? Share your ideas in the comment section below.