Explore Capabilities of 3RDi Search in Empowering Biomedical Research

Given the exponential growth in medical literature, finding relevant information sooner is critical. Researchers, with more content and less time to analyse, need systems that are smart and intelligent enough to integrate the scattered content, provide quicker discovery of information and tools for thorough analysis of content. Today, biomedical research faces several challenges when it comes to searching through enormous volumes of medical literature to find the most relevant information in the shortest time.

Data Based Challenges in Biomedical Research

The following are the key challenges faced by biomedical researchers when it comes to finding the information they need for their research.

  • Shallow search that is based on the keywords in the query alone.
  • Difficulty in identifying guidelines or clinical trials.
  • No option to filter the results using multiple filters at the same time.
  • No consistency in the number of search results for different queries.
  • No provision for researchers working from different locations to collaborate on a project.
  • No access to insights or analytics related to research domains.

Discover ResearchNet.io Powered by 3RDi Search

Researchnet.io – a Biomedical Research and Collaboration Platform powered by 3RDi Search is an ideal tool to manage the end to end needs of Researchers, like Research, Collaboration and Authoring. Given below are the building blocks of ResearchNet.io.

Key Features

The following are the key features of ResearchNet.io – the comprehensive research platform for biomedical researchers.

1] Biomedical Literature Search

  • Automated identification of 'important' concepts in the Query
  • Smarter efficient search curtails noise and improves recall
  • Multi-dimensional semantic enrichment including synonyms, narrower and related matches
  • Effective highlighting
  • Clustering and Visual Analytics Provide Unmatched Insight

2] Semantic Capabilities

  • MeSH, UMLS, DbPedia, WordNet vocabulary integration
  • Careful selection of fields for searching. Non-content field not searched
  • Planned integration with ChemIDplus, ChEBI, GO, NCIt, FDA-ADR
  • Pharmacological actions
  • Dynamic entity extraction

3] Evidence Search

  • Identification of Evidence Level for medical literature and studies
  • Study Type and Study Size Identification
  • Automatic Conclusion Identification for a quick assessment of a large article
  • Filtering by Evidence Level and Study Type
  • PICO Search for discrete and precise searching of medical literature

4] External Integration

  • Inline integration of search results from PubMed
  • Chrome plug-in to import citations from PubMed
  • Synchronization of library with Zotero

5] Researcher Profile & Project Management

  • Self-registration module
  • Create a library, add citations, manage folders & favorites
  • Create & manage multiple workspaces and collaborate with co-researchers
  • Add papers, references and invite colleagues to each workspace

Powered by 3RDi Search, ResearchNet.io is indeed the platform that biomedical researchers need today to find the most relevant information in the shortest period of time.