How AI Can Power Enterprise Search Today

Enterprise search has come a long way today with the introduction of a handful of breakthrough concepts that have redefined the way users interact with search engines. Today, search engines are better equipped to provide results that are a close match to what the users seek. Artificial intelligence (AI), semantic search, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) are the technologies that are driving the new face of enterprise search software. Gone are the days when search results based on keyword matches from the user's query were all that search engines had the potential to provide. Today, we have come a long way and the simple keyword-based approach has been replaced by advanced technology powering the search results with high search relevancy. In this blog, we shall take a closer look into how AI had played a key role in the evolution of enterprise search.

What is AI?

Before we begin, it is important to understand the meaning of AI. What is AI? Well, it's technology that helps machines to understand human language, "learn" patterns of user behavior, understand every user to provide them with personalized output and also perform tasks like humans do. In other words, it is the technology behind "intelligent" machines that are even ready to "challenge" humans today. So, be it a Siri or Google Home that respond to voice command, to robots performing the most complex of tasks that are sometimes not even possible for humans to perform with as much accuracy, it is AI behind it all!

AI and Machine Learning

So, we have seen that AI does have tremendous potential. Having said that, let us take a closer look at how AI helps in machine learning and how this, in turn, helps enterprise search software understand user behavior better and provide search results that are best optimized to cater to the user requirements. AI gives enterprise search engines the power to train machines to identify patterns in user behavior by processing large volumes of user data effectively.

As AI powers machine leaning, the search engines are able to process user data in real time in order to tweak the search results effectively in order to provide the highest search relevancy to each user.


For example, ecommerce apps, which use enterprise search tools, are able to keep a tab on the user activity in the recent past, and provide the results accordingly. If a user has been browsing through sports shoes for a while on the app, he/she will receive notifications about offers on sports shoes and even updates on the new launches. Also, when you buy a pair of trousers, the app is likely to suggest you shirts and even accessories to help you get a complete look. These are effective ways to make the user feel valued, and translates into the user purchasing more products than he/she was initially looking for.

How AI Can be the Game Changer for Enterprise Search

Gere are some pointers on how AI is all set to redefine enterprise search and why it's here to stay.

1] Helps the Algorithm Develop a Skill

Who said skills were just what humans had? With AI, algorithms have got skills too, and no one's complaining! Today, algorithms can be designed to predict results that will be of the highest relevance to the user.

2] Offers a Level of Accuracy that was Not Thought of Earlier

Yes, AI is the ingredient for intelligent search that is accurate every time and helps the enterprise search engine understand user behavior without missing out on even the small details. This opens the door to an all new interaction between search engines and human beings, and it finds its applications in research and even in the world of medicine.

3] Maximizes the Utilization of Data

Today is the era of Big Data and the ability of an enterprise to unleash the potential of the data at their disposal is something that can give them an edge over the competitors. AI makes this possible as it "trains" the algorithms to learn exactly what to look for within the data, and how to find it quickly and with utmost accuracy.

4] Makes Intelligent Search a Reality

AI is the magic wand that turns every software application into an intelligent version of itself, and enterprise search software is no different. Powered by AI technology, enterprise search software can be the intelligent tool that mimics humans when it comes to understanding user intent, and then goes on to fetch the result with the highest search relevancy accordingly. This is the biggest breakthrough that AI has brought in.


So, it can be concluded that with AI, there is no end to the possibilities in the world of enterprise search. The way it trains algorithms to identify and process user information in the background to get much-needed insights in real time, only indicates that the future does have a lot in store. This will only make it simpler for users and even scientists and research fellows who are conducting their research on data-intensive field.