How to Evaluate the Right Enterprise Search Engine for your Business

Enterprise search engines are key to the success of enterprises today because they help enterprises analyze and make the best use of the large volumes of data. We all know that data is the most significant asset of enterprises and is instrumental in providing businesses with the insights required for strategic decision making. However, analysing enterprise data for key insights is not as easy as it appears to be. This is primarily because enterprise data is unoptimized and unstructured and hence cannot be analysed using conventional methods.

An advanced enterprise search engine like 3RDi Search is what the enterprises need today in order to derive insights from unstructured data. Here we shall look at pointers one should consider when choosing an enterprise search engine.

1] Advanced Text Mining Features

The very first thing to consider when choosing enterprise search engine is the list of features offered by the platform. It helps to know that enterprise search today is a very complex process that is about analysing the most complex unstructured and raw data in large volumes. To deal with this, what one needs is a very powerful search engine with the most advanced text mining features.

2] Strong Technology Support

Enterprise search can be complex and so it's very much essential that the enterprise search engine should be backed by the most powerful technology. For instance, 3RDi Search is an enterprise search platform powered by Solr, a popular search engine. Also, technology concepts like natural language processing (NLP), semantic search, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, together make the new age enterprise search engines like 3RDi Search capable enough to deal with the complex search requirements of modern enterprises.

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3] Integrations Available

As the enterprise search needs become more and more complex, there is the requirement of seamless integrations with multiple platforms. The purpose is to broaden the scope of the platform and cater to the multiple requirements of the enterprise on a single platform, without the need for multiple logins.

For example, 3RDi Search is a platform that integrate seamlessly with many other platforms like Node JS, Talend, Hadoop, Yago, DBPedia, and many more.

4] The Costs Involved

Every enterprise gets started on a project with a certain budget and this is what needs to be considered when selecting a tool. To make it more convenient for the enterprises, some of the new age enterprise search engines today are customisable which means enterprises can pick and choose only the features they need.

For example, 3RDi Search is a complete stack of text mining and Data Analytics solutions that can work wonders for your business. However, enterprises have the flexibility to pick and choose solutions as per their requirements, which means they pay only for what they need.

Before you go ahead and invest in that all important enterprise search engine, it's important to consider a few key points. Hope this blog helps you get started in the right direction. If you want to explore more about what a new age enterprise search engine is all about, visit