Infographics Blog on Intelligent Search Experience with 3RDi Search

When we say "Intelligent Search", we refer to a search experience that goes beyond the capability of keyword based traditional search and has a high level of understanding of what the user is looking for. As enterprise search evolved over the years with the help of advanced search technology, today we have advanced text mining tools that are power-packed with features and functionalities to help the enterprises make the most out of their enterprise data. The text mining tools have served as the ideal solution for the large volumes of enterprise data that is growing at an enormous rate.

3RDi Search is an example of a text analysis tool and semantic search software that serves as a complete suite of text mining functionalities, each one designed to serve a different purpose when analyzing the most complex of unstructured data for insights. Semantic search is one of the technologies that power the 3RDi Search platform, which serves as powerful semantic search software that analyses the meaning of the query and fetches the most relevant results for the user. It is a text mining tool that is also powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology.

Intelligent Search Capabilities of 3RDi Search

3RDi Search is an advanced text mining tool that is designed for an Intelligent Search experience. The semantic search software has multiple capabilities that contribute towards the Intelligent Search Experience. Here we shall look at some of them in the infographics below.

1] Search Analytics

With 3RDi Search text mining tool, you can analyse, visualise, and exchange data. It's a BI and data analysis tool for enterprises. We gather data from across your company into one location, allowing you to discover new insights and track the ramifications of those discoveries. By obtaining access to the correct data, you can streamline operations, better serve customers, and enhance revenue.

2] Semantic Search & Analysis

The 3RDi Enterprise search platform uses Semantic Search and Analysis Capabilities to provide a deeper approach to search that focuses on the interpretation as well as the context of the query. Semantic search allows the platform to recognise the context of a query and provide the most relevant results. Semantic search and analysis are feasible thanks to advanced algorithms that recognise the context of each search query and interpret results accordingly.

3] Content Integration

Data is a valuable tool for businesses today, and the challenge is figuring out how to best use it to help your company obtain a competitive advantage. The first step in making the massive amount of corporate data work for a company is to develop a consistent data management and analysis plan. Content integration is critical, and 3RDi Search's content integration platform ensures that all company data from various sources is available on a single platform. The 3RDi Search Content Integration Platform is what you need to ensure that your new data platforms work in tandem with your legacy systems to ensure a smooth data flow.

4] NLP & Semantic Enrichment

Over the last few years, the way people search for and view information has changed tremendously. The 3RDi Semantic Enrichment tool is a best-in-class text mining tool that provides an Interactive, Engaging, and Predictive solution for the search and associated applications today. The 3RDi Natural Processing Software tool enriches content with a range of metadata, to ensure that it is broadly distributed. The text mining tool may be utilised for a wide range of purposes and content types.

5] Relevancy Management

You can use the 3RDi Relevancy Management tool for the successful extraction of insights from unstructured data that are statistically significant. How useful this function is can be determined by the type of data being examined. The Relevancy Management tool extracts words and phrases that are highly relevant to the domain. It is a dynamic semantic search software that aids in the definition, measurement, improvement, and management of information distribution in order to support critical organisational processes.

So, that was about Intelligent Search with the 3RDi Search text analysis tool and its significance for enterprises today. Looking for a powerful text mining tool for an Intelligent Search experience with your enterprise search? Visit to discover an advanced semantic search tool or drop us an email on and our team will get in touch with you.