Technologies that Drive New Age Enterprise Search Tools

Enterprise search has come a long way in the last decade with the introduction of several advanced technologies. Today, the new age enterprise search tools are well-equipped to analyze even the most complex organizational data. It's interesting to note how the enterprise search platform has evolved over the years to introduce more and more advanced features and technology concepts. The goal has been to help enterprises meet the challenges brought forth by Big Data. Today, we shall take a look at the technologies that drive new age enterprise search software like 3RDi Search.

1] Semantic Search


Semantic Search translates to 'search with meaning'. Semantic search technology goes a step ahead of searching on the basis of keyword matching and focuses on understanding the meaning of the query. New age enterprise search tools use semantic search technology to understand the contextual meaning of the user's query in order to fetch the most relevant results. Semantic search technology is all about focusing on the nuances of the user's query, including the intent, location, synonyms, and concept matching. It makes use of ontologies to analyze unstructured data and derive useful insights from it.

2] Natural Language Processing


Natural language processing (NLP) is slowly emerging as an essential building block of new age enterprise search tools. The technology is used to understand the sentiment behind data collected from various platforms, including social media. This is referred to as sentiment analysis. Enterprise search tools need NLP to understand, analyze and derive insights from unstructured Big Data.

3] Artificial Intelligence

We're living in an AI-driven world so why should enterprise search be far behind? The use of artificial intelligence (AI) makes enterprise search software "smart" and makes it capable of studying the user behavior. This helps enterprises personalize the search experience for each individual user. While semantic search and NLP analyze the user's query and understand the user intent, AI takes it a step further to study each user and "predict" the results that would be the most relevant.

4] Search Analytics

An effective enterprise search software that provides the most relevant results to users in the shortest time, is simply not enough for enterprises today. Search analytics is important as it helps capture metrics about search performance and search behavior of users. The metrics can be analyzed for insights that can help enterprises take key decisions around search tuning, relevancy and design.

5] Data Integration

Enterprises today have to deal with dispersed, varied and scattered data that grows constantly. There is data in the form of images, emails, graphs, social media or news feeds. In such a scenario, a new age enterprise search tool like 3RDi Search comes with plugins and adapters that can seamlessly take in a variety of data and merge it to your existing content and vocabulary. A high speed, fail-safe, cloud-backed mechanism ensures an easier and faster integration that is beyond your imagination.

The Final Word:

These were the key technologies that power the most effective enterprise search software available in the market today. If you want advanced search with a tool that is powered by all the above technologies and more, experience 3RDi Search. Visit to request for a Live Demo.