Understanding Benefits of Content Classification with 3RDi Search

What is content classification? Content classification is defined as the process of classifying the content on the basis of predefined categories. It can be done manually or with the help of algorithms. While the manual process works fine with small volumes of data, when large volumes of data is involved, such as the large volumes of enterprise data, one needs algorithms that make the task easier and simpler.

This is where new age advanced text analysis platforms can make a difference. For example, an advanced enterprise search platform like 3RDi Search is designed for the most complex text analysis and helps enterprises find deep insights from large volumes of unstructured enterprise data. Content classification is one of the key features of 3RDi Search, which enables it to classify large chunks of unstructured data into predefined categories. Here we shall have a look at the key benefits of content classification.

To begin with, enterprise data can consist of information of varying levels of sensitivity, which makes it essential to classify the information to protect unauthorised access. This is possible only with an effective content classification platform. 3RDi Search categorises the enterprise data as confidential, highly sensitive, public and other categories as defined. The platform makes use of artificial intelligence to distinguish the data into the different categories. This process helps the enterprise decide on which data needs high security and which data can be made accessible to all.

Once the data is classified into categories, it becomes easier to assign the access rights to a specific set of data. In other words, it is only through content classification that enterprises can define the access rights permission to enterprise data.

Also, once the data is classified into categories, it becomes easier to create awareness about the data among the employees of the organisation. The employees find it easy to identify sensitive data that they should be extra careful while handling.

Moreover, using an advance platform like 3RDi Search for content classification ensures there are no errors and the results are 100% relevant. Also, with such large volumes of data that needs to be classified, the task is next to impossible if done manually and would take enormous time. Using a platform to automate the process of content classification make the task easier and more efficient.

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