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Third Eye
Third Eye
Text Mining
Semantic Search & Analysis
Content Integration
Relevancy Management
Search Analytics

3RDi "Third Eye" Enterprise Platform is a comprehensive suite of products for all your Enterprise Search needs offering best-in-class solutions for Content Discovery, Semantic Enrichment, Governance, Analytics, Relevancy Management and Automated Testing.

While the whole stack can do wonders for your business by reducing the costs and generating revenue, you still enjoy the flexibility to pick and choose solutions as per your needs.

Text Analysis, NLP and Semantic Enrichment

Unlock the true potential of your textual content using 3RDi's state-of-the-art Machine Learning and Rule-Based algorithms. We offer the world-class benefits of Text Mining like Named Entity Recognition (NER), Sentiment Identification, Classification, Similarity and Summarization. 3RDi enriches your content and maps it to DBpedia, GeoNames, YAGO, Freebase or even your own custom vocabulary. Moreover, the built-in support for vocabularies for various domains make the whole thing a quick reality for you.

Text Analysis, NLP and Semantic Enrichment

Semantic Search and Analysis

Don't be limited by a search engine that doesn't understand the user intent or the context. Enjoy the power of highly targeted, intuitive and conceptual search and exploration.

To help you easily skim through the results, we offer a wide variety of options like Clustering, Semantic Cloud and Intuitive Facets. You could also get exploratory with our Concept Search. We promise a quicker and better search every time!

Content Integration

Are you concerned about the dispersed, varied and scattered data that grows constantly? Well it's obvious to have data in the form of images, emails, graphs, social media or news feeds. That's why, the 3RDi platform comes with plugins and adapters that can seamlessly take in a variety of data and merge it to your existing content and vocabulary. A high speed, fail-safe, cloud-backed mechanism ensures an easier and faster integration that is beyond your imagination.

Content Integration

Relevancy Management and Automated Testing

Relevancy Management and Automated Testing

With the rapid growth of content, the search expectations change drastically. You can control your search with 3RDi's revolutionary solution based on the proven "Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control" approach. The robust workflow spanning across creating and scoping Business Rules, Benchmarking and Regression saves your time and money.

Search Analytics

Search is the clearest expression of what your customers want. But, the search logs are so large and segregated that by the time you analyze them, the world has moved on. Hence, we offer real-time powerful analytics to help you make intelligent business decisions. Personalized and smarter recommendations generate revenue for you faster, while also keeping your customers latched-on.

Search Analytics Platform

Research Case Management

A researcher's needs are different from those of a normal search user. 3RDi offers solutions that help in deeper study and literature exploration. Researchers certainly save a lot of time by using a variety of result analysis and advanced search options. Saving the Search, Citation View and Knowledge Graph which pool knowledge from multiple LOD sources will definitely keep the researchers subscribed to your system.

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