Welcome to the new era where everything is about time and accuracy. We offer a powerful, innovative and adaptive platform for managing all your Search, Discovery & Analytics needs. We have named it 3RDi "Third Eye".

3RDi provides answers to every challenge you face from managing and exploiting unstructured content to deriving deeper actionable insights for boosting your business. It is a powerful and scalable platform which combines lightning fast search with context sensitive semantic enrichment, multidimensional information analysis and easy search relevancy management. It helps you take action, boost revenues and cut costs!

Why choose 3RDi

3RDi isn't merely a search solution. It is a comprehensive stack of solutions for text mining, enterprise search, content integration, governance, analytics and much more. It is truly a one-stop solution for all search and associated needs.

3RDi is designed as a suite of dynamic and pluggable components allowing enterprises to choose and customize only a selected set of components that is most optimal for their business.

It's a highly secure and available solution backed up distributed and cloud environment.

There is nothing hidden. With 3RDi's open-source infrastructure you get the benefits of affordability, speed and collaboration while also enjoying flexibility and freedom.

For a more relevant and useful experience for our customers from Legal, Healthcare and Publishing businesses, 3RDi provides ready-to-use editions with domain-specific vocabularies and widgets.

Leverage your Knowledge Base by exploring our latest publications on Search, Discovery & Analytics

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Our Partners

Our long-term relationships with industry leaders deliver high-value solutions to our customers.

SOLR Security with ManifoldCF

This article explains how to implement SOLR "document level security" using Manifold Connector Framework. ManifoldCF is an open source framework for pulling content out of a repository and sending it on to targets such as SOLR via a plug-in style and connector-based architecture.


Solr Optimistic Concurrency Unlocked!

If you have multiple clients updating documents, it's really critical to ensure that newer version of the document is never overwritten by the older version. To address this problem, what you need is concurrency control, which is the process of managing simultaneous update of documents.


Solr: Backed up? Now you can restore soon!

One of the lesser known but cool features of ReplicationHandler is support for index backup. You must have used ReplicationHandler in your project for replicating index from master to slave instances. if you want to take backup of index, you can do it as follows:


Ontologies vs Taxonomies vs Thesauri, and its place on the Semantic Web

An ontology formally defines a common set of terms that are used to describe and represent a domain. An ontology is domain specific, and it is used to describe and represent an area of knowledge.


Using Solr and TikaOCR to search text inside an image

Tesseract is probably the most accurate open source OCR engine available and with Apache Tika 1.7 you can now use the awesome Tesseract OCR parser within Tika! Solr 5.x has support for Tika 1.7 (See this) . I wanted to try this in Solr 5.2 so I configured this on my machine..


Getting Started With Docker

According to the docker's website, "Docker is an open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications." In simple words, it's one of the methods to run and deploy your software application. Docker allows you to create lightweight "virtual machines".


Building Docker image with Solr

There are two ways to build docker image:

  1. Running an image, modifying and committing it. This requires to access live container.
  2. Using Dockerfile and build it.


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