3RDi Search Brings You the Next Level of Enterprise Search with Semantic Enrichment

Organizations face the challenge of making the best possible use of their data while dealing with dynamic and changing data and also responding to business demand for faster time to market. Information users, with more content and less time to analyze, need systems that are smart and intelligent enough to integrate the scattered content, provide quicker discovery of information and tools for thorough analysis of content.

In this era of Big Data, all enterprises and systems have more content than ever before. There's a lot of data which is exploded, fragmented, redundant, underutilized, inconsistent, hard to find and hard to understand. As they say, Big Data is a challenge and an opportunity at the same time.

We at The Digital Group, realize the enormous challenges and the possibilities associated with Big Data. 3RDi Search, our product in the Enterprise Search domain, helps integrate all your content seamlessly, exploit the power of semantic enrichment, transforming the content to knowledge; thus taking you to that next level of Search and Analytics solutions.

Experience the Difference with Semantic Enrichment

Semantic Enrichment is the process of adding or associating semantic tags – usually concepts, relationships, events and properties described in an ontology – to augment unstructured data items.

Use of semantics makes content more contextual, more discoverable, and thereby, more valuable. Semantic technology is about computers interpreting and understanding the content at a deeper level, assisted by its meaning and context. It helps in information search and discovery by associating additional information with the content.

The process of semantic enrichment integrates the content with the identified ontologies and links it to available open data. This adds more information to the content – referred to as Enrichment. The enriched content is indexed and stored. This serves as a base for search and discovery applications.

Semantic Enrichment with 3RDi Search

3RDi Search is an enterprise search platform that takes a holistic view of the problem of Search, Discovery and Analysis. It provides comprehensive semantic enrichment of unstructured content and unlike most other products in the market, it also provides a complete Semantic Search Solution to leverage the enrichment of the Search, Discovery and Analysis applications. 3RDi Search embodies semantic interpretation in all phases of the information retrieval systems – content integration, search, result navigation, and search analytics.

Semantic search and natural language processing (NLP) capabilities of 3RDi Search are built on a strong base of machine learning and lookup based algorithms. These algorithms are pre-integrated with a comprehensive set of general and domain specific thesaurus as well as taxonomies and are built on top of best-in-class tools. Here is what 3RDi provides for content enrichment:

  • Recognizing the mentions of entities in the content and identifying their types – a process called Named Entity Recognition
  • Automatic analysis of sentiments represented in the content
  • Identifying the key topics from the content and classifying the content as per those
  • Disambiguation of entities based on context in which they appear
  • Refining the entities by mapping them to standardized terms from taxonomies and ontologies
  • Enriching content by linking it to URIs of other open data

Semantic Search and semantic enrichment capabilities of the 3RDi Enterprise Search platform makes the information retrieval process more efficient. A range of tools like automatic facets, concept search, taxonomy browsing and clustering, etc. help the user skim through the content quickly and easily and locate the desired information.