Biggest Trends from the World of Big Data in 2021

Did you know that Big Data is all set to grow into a 103 billion dollar industry by 2023?

Well, this makes Big Data one of the key domains to watch out for in the upcoming years. Today, enterprises are struggling to make use of Big Data to their advantage. This has created the need for new-age enterprise search tools with the next level of text mining capabilities. For instance, you have a new age enterprise search tool like 3RDi Search that comes with an array of data analysis functionalities that makes the analysis of even the most complex enterprise data a cakewalk!

There have been rapid technological breakthroughs in the world of Big Data, which makes it one of the domains we are interested to follow. Here we have the top trends from the world of Big Data for all you data enthusiasts out there.

1] Big Data and Blockchain to Come Together

This is one of the most interesting trends to watch out for in the coming years, because experts predict the merging of Big Data and blockchain and its positive effects. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have witnessed a major surge in popularity in recent years and this will continue way into 2021 and beyond. However, say experts, this time it will be Big Data and blockchain being brought together to resolve the biggest issues in data security and maintenance of data.

2] Breakthroughs in the Healthcare sector with Big Data

The year 2020 has been the most challenging year for the Healthcare sector in recent times and lessons have been learnt. Today, the Healthcare sector has woken up to the significance of the use of Big Data in revolutionizing healthcare. Breakthroughs in this domain have the potential to redefine the way medical science approaches several chronic health conditions, including cancer and dementia.

3] The Era of Augmented Analytics

Even today, managing the large volumes of data is a challenge for enterprises and this will multiply in 2021 because of the continuous growth in the volume of data that enterprises are collecting today. So the challenge is real and the answer is the concept of Augmented Analytics.

Augmented analytics is nothing but the technology that enables enterprises to analyze even the most complex and the biggest chunks of enterprise data with the use of intelligent machine learning and AI-based technology. The good news is that the year 2021 is all set to bring Augmented Analytics into the mainstream.

4] Big Data to Save the Planet

Our planet is in danger and the drastic changes in the climate is an indicator. Issues like global warming are being taken seriously by countries across the globe as they try hard to regulate the factors that contribute towards this problem. Experts today are considering the use of Big Data in analyzing the impact of our actions on the climate and the planet. This is a novel idea that has the potential to go a long way in preventing and even minimising the damages caused to our planet.

So, that was about the upcoming trends from the world of Big Data and its applications. Want to explore how the new-age enterprise search tool is equipped to help your business make the best use of Big Data? Visit or drop us an email on