Explore the Capabilities of an Intelligent Search Platform

Today when enterprises are struggling with the challenge of making sense of enormous volumes of data, the need of the hour is an advanced text analysis platform that makes it easy for enterprises to analyze the data and derive insights from it. Even a few years ago, when the traditional keyword-based approach was the only way to analyze data, enterprise data remained untapped and there was no way to know what was hidden within the depths of enterprise data. The reason is that the data is sourced from multiple sources, and is also in multiple formats, making it nearly impossible to analyse using the keyword-based approach, which was only meant for optimized and structured information.

However, the advent of the enterprise search tools changed things forever, as these tools were powered by the most advanced text analysis technology that simplified the analysis of even the most complex unstructured data. No wonder, these platforms are referred to as "Intelligent Search Platforms" as they have the next level of intelligence when it comes to text analysis. Here we shall look at the technology that power these platforms, focusing on 3RDi Search as an example.

Intelligent Search Platform Capabilities at a Glance

Given below are the key capabilities of an effective and advanced new age text analysis platform like 3RDi Search.

1] Content Integration

Data is a key asset of Enterprises today and the challenge lies in the ability to make the best use of this data in helping your business gain the competitive edge. The first step in making the enormous volume of enterprise data work for a business is to ensure a coherent strategy for data management and analysis. Content integration is a key factor here and the content integration platform of 3RDi Search makes sure all of the enterprise data, from the diverse sources, are available on a single platform. The 3RDi Search Content Integration Platform ensures your new data systems are in seamless integration with your legacy systems for a smooth flow of data.

2] Relevancy Management

3RDi Relevancy Management tool allows you to extract statistically relevant words from unstructured data. The viability of this feature depends on the nature of the data being explored. The terms that are extracted with the Relevancy Management tool are truly relevant to the subject matter. It’s a dynamic tool that helps to define, measure, improve and control the delivery of information that supports key organizational processes.

3] Search Analytics

Analyze, visualize and share information with 3RDi Search Analytical software. It's a business intelligence and data analysis tool for enterprises. We bring analytics from every corner of your enterprise business together in one place, so that you can uncover insights and measure related outcomes. Get access to the right Data to improve operational efficiency, serve customers better and boost revenue.

4] Semantic Search & Analysis

The 3RDi Enterprise search platform is powered by Semantic Search and Analysis Capabilities, which means a deeper approach to search that is based on the meaning and context of the query. Semantic search enables the platform to understand the context of a user's query and then fetch the results that are of the highest efficiency. The semantic search and analysis functionality is based on advanced algorithms that identify the context of every query and process the results accordingly.

5] NLP & Semantic Enrichment

The way information is searched and viewed changed dramatically over the past few years. 3RDi Semantic Enrichment tool comes with the best of the class text mining capabilities that deliver an Interactive, Engaging and Predictive solution for search and associated requirements of enterprises today. 3RDi Natural Processing Software tool enriches the content with an array of metadata ensuring the content is distributed broadly and the platform is adaptable for multiple purposes and any form of content.

So, that was about some of the key text analysis capabilities of an advanced Intelligent Search platform like 3RDi Search. To explore more about 3RDi Search, visit the website www.3rdisearch.com or drop us an email at tdg-marketing@thedigitalgroup.com.