Exploring Semantic Search with 3RDi Enterprise

Semantic search is an entirely different approach when it compared to the more common keyword-based search approach that relies on matching keywords in the user’s query to the search results to find relevant results. However, with the semantic search approach, there is next level of search relevancy that is never possible with the keyword-based technique.

According to Wikipedia, "Semantic search seeks to improve search accuracy by understanding the searcher's intent and the contextual meaning of terms as they appear in the searchable dataspace, whether on the Web or within a closed system, to generate more relevant results."

Enterprises today need a semantic text analysis engine in order to get the most relevant results from the highly complex unstructured data that is available with enterprises today. 3RDi Search is an example of an advanced semantic search tool that enables enterprises to analyze data effectively using semantics. Interested to know more about semantic search technology? Let's explore a few common FAQs on semantic technology and the role of a semantic search tool like 3RDi Search, for a clear understanding.

Semantic Search FAQs Answered

1] What kind of information can be analyzed using a Semantic Search platform?

Well, you see, when it comes to the diverse information that can be successfully analyzed using enterprise search, you have everything that comes under unstructured enterprise data that consists of emails, presentations, websites, contracts, reports and more. 3RDi Search has the capability to analyze the most complex unstructured data with ease.

2] Which languages are supported by 3RDi Search?

3RDi Search is an advanced semantic search platform that currently supports English, but other languages will be rolled out soon.

3] Is there a limitation on the length of query for processing with 3RDi semantic search?

Well, there is no defined length for the query that is processed using semantic search when using 3RDi Search as the platform. The platform is designed to accept and process queries of any length and pertaining to one of the many types of queries.

4] What ranking principle is 3RDi Search based on and what is it all about?

Well, to explain this, we need to look into the ranking mechanism for search results. A hybrid ranking system is what 3RDi Search is built on and this makes use of semantic fingerprint as well as the conventional keyword-based results, for a more comprehensive approach towards the results fetched by the user.

5] What kind of file formats can Semantic Search process?

3RDi Search is a semantic search platform that can process most of the common file formats, including pdf, xls(x), csv, ppt(x), doc(x), html, xml, and txt.

So, that was all about some frequently asked questions about semantic search, highlighting information about the way new age enterprise search platforms and are using the tool for instant at their Discuss at them.